I had the good fortune of working with Mickey Rooney at his Westlake Village offices in 1991. Since his office space wasn’t an appropriate shooting location, I set up an impromptu studio on the building’s terrace. He arrived on time, alone, without a stylist, ready to work. His only prop was a hat, I brought a couple of chairs. After introductions, he hit his mark and began an astonishing performance. Quickly I discovered that my role was to keep the camera in focus and follow his rapid-fire movements and kaleidoscopic expressions. The only breaks in this fantastic marathon were changing film backs. What I remember most was, “did you get it?” and “how’s this one?” He was a pro!

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“very nice, fun, exuberant, very cheeky, a touch weepy, professionally sleek . You captured the real Mickey.”

Robert Carlson, 04.09.14